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Newsletter #12: Results and conclusions of the CDMiR4UA project

Newsletter #11: Harassment in the workplace

Newsletter #10: Breach of employment contract rights by the employer

Newsletter #9: Copyright assignment contract

Newsletter #8: Self-employed activities Self-employed activities can take a legal form under the establishment of a certified natural person (PFA) or a limited liability company (SRL).

Newsletter #7: Employment contract for migrants and beneficiaries of temporary protection in Romania

Some important details on the conclusion of the employment contract for migrants and beneficiaries of temporary protection in Romania are presented in this issue.

Newsletter #6: Human trafficking as a result of the war in Ukraine

Conflicts have long been recognized as a driver of human trafficking, from forced labor and sexual exploitation to the recruitment of child soldiers. The risks of human trafficking have been flagged by members of the international community since the launch of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Newsletter #5: Third country nationals fleeing war in Ukraine

In March 2022, Romania also extended temporary protection to non-Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Newsletter #4: Access of displaced persons to the labor market

In this issue are some selected news regarding the access to the opportunity structure for people fleeing the war in  Ukraine.

Newsletter #3: Refugee unaccompanied children

Many of the displaced persons from Ukraine are children, usually accompanied by a parent, family member, adult relatives, or carers or guardians from Ukrainian institutions. Some may be considered unaccompanied minors, while others are accompanied.

Newsletter #2: Raising awareness of the impact of war on mental health 
*Mental health issues are often ignored because of stigma. By addressing this topic, we want to encourage open dialogue about mental well-being among both the refugee and host communities.

Newsletter #1: Data and reports on refugee integration
* With this newsletter, we want to explore some issues related to the integration of Ukrainian refugees and the challenges faced by them and the host communities. In this newsletter, we have gathered some resources and data to provide insight into the situation in Romania in the European and regional context.


**The CDMiR4Ukraine project: Raising awareness of human rights and equal treatment for Ukrainian refugees in Romania is implemented by the Novapolis Association – Center for Analyzes and Development Initiatives in partnership with the Romanian National Council for Refugees Foundation and the Center for Public Innovation, with the financial support of thr Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit More details about Active Citizens Fund Romania please visit

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