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CDMiR 4 Ukraine: Raising awareness of human rights and equal treatment for Ukrainian refugees in Romania

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In the context of the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, Romania became host to over 80,000 displaced Ukrainians. Many of these people are in situations of vulnerability, and this vulnerability has the potential to deepen over time, exposing refugees to economic precariousness, possible abuse, limited access to rights, and tensions with the host community. At the same time, despite the efforts of numerous humanitarian actors, refugees’ access to clear and accessible sources of legal information remains limited, which further exposes them.


About the project

The “CDMiR 4 Ukraine: Raising awareness of human rights and equal treatment for Ukrainian refugees in Romania” project aims to address the issue of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by providing services and information materials for Ukrainian refugees, especially in terms of access to socio-economic rights. Given that access to the labor market is an essential element of the process of integration and empowerment of refugees, training services regarding work and entrepreneurship in Romania will be offered in a complementary manner through the project.

In parallel, the project will raise awareness among public authorities, civil society and other relevant actors regarding the rights of Ukrainian refugees, encouraging local and national cooperation, including through the conclusion of relevant partnerships, and contributing to the mapping of existing services. At the same time, following consultation with refugee communities, we will initiate a series of data-driven advocacy efforts to improve the legal and policy framework for refugee integration.

The duration of the project is 12 months, being implemented between March 15, 2023 and March 15, 2024, with an estimated total eligible cost of 199,900 Euros.


Areas of intervention

The project will focus:

  • To Conduct an awareness campaign among Ukrainian refugees on respect for human rights, gender equality and gender-based violence;
  • To carry out advocacy activities for the long-term integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection, refugees from Ukraine;
  • To improve the services provided to refugees through support activities and coaching of refugees from Ukraine, who are employed or who wish to enter the labor market in Romania and through partnerships with other relevant institutions, coalitions and actors.


Direct and indirect beneficiaries

  • 2000 people who will benefit from improved information and/or services, training, and capacity building
  • Organizations active in the field of immigrant integration
  • Public institutions with responsibilities in the field of immigrant integration
  • Other actors in the labor market: trade unions, employers, the academic environment
  • Mass media and other organizations which are active in related fields, the general public.

Contact details

 For further information please contact Alexe Iris, Project Manager Novapolis Association, email:

About Active Citizens Fund Romania

***The Active Citizens Fund Romania programme is funded through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The overall objective of the Grants is to reduce economic and social disparities, and to strengthen bilateral relations between 15 beneficiary countries and the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The programme is administered by a consortium composed of Civil Society Development Foundation, Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation, Resource Center for Roma Communities, PACT Foundation and Frivillighet Norge, acting as Fund Operator designated by FMO – Financial Mechanism Office of the EEA and Norway Grants. The objectives of the Active Citizens Fund Romania are to strengthen civil society and active citizenship and to empower vulnerable groups. With a total allocation of 46,000,000 euro, the programme pursues a long-term development of the civil society sector sustainability and capacity, stepping up its role in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights, while strengthening bilateral relations with organizations from the Donor States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. For more information about the Active Citizens Fund in Romania, please go to For more information about the EEA and Norway Grants, go to

About CDMiR

The Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees (CDMiR) was established in early 2017, initially bringing together a number of 11 non-governmental organizations with experience in the field of migration, anti-discrimination, human rights and public policy.

To date, it is the only Coalition of Romanian civil society active in the field of migration, asylum and integration.

In the first three years of activity, the number of member organizations of the coalition doubled, reaching CDMiR to include 23 NGOs from all regions of Romania, as well as 5 supporters from academia and international organizations. CDMiR members cover a wide range of areas of expertise, including research, advocacy, material, legal and medical assistance, cultural guidance and dialogue.


About the promotor & partners


The Novapolis Association – Center for Analysis and Development Initiatives aims to contribute to a democratic, inclusive and diverse society that is economically and socially balanced, capable to respond to everyone’s needs. Its mission is to uphold and promote democratic values, models and interventions for the development of a society based on freedom, responsibility and respect.

The Romanian National Council for Refugees Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 1998 and with the status of a public utility organization since 2003. CNRR’s mission is to promote and defend by all legal means human rights in general and the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in special.

The Center for Public Innovation Association is a non-governmental organization legally registered in 2014 with the mission to build an open society in which transparent institutions provide access to information in open formats, decide together with and in the interest of those they represent, guaranteeing equal rights for all people, and citizens are aware of what is happening around them.


The CDMiR4Ukraine project: Raising awareness of human rights and equal treatment for Ukrainian refugees in Romania is implemented by the Novapolis Association – Center for Analyzes and Development Initiatives in partnership with the Romanian National Council for Refugees Foundation and the Center for Public Innovation, with the financial support of thr Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit More details about Active Citizens Fund Romania please visit


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